Skip Daly Sucker Punches Disabled Man (Yes, Really)

(Chuck Muth) – Today on The Daly Show: Skip Sucker Punches Disabled Man

As noted in our very first episode of The Daly Show, Nevada State Assemblyman Skip Daly has a truly frightening, explosive temper.

And yes, a physically violent one, too.

On July 28, 2016 at 7:09 pm, Reno police officers responded to a report of assault and battery at one of Daly’s union meetings.  Skip is the union boss for Laborers Local #169.

The details, as pulled from the official incident report (#16-13910) filed by the officers who responded…

Daly and one of his union members, Michael Hayes, got into a heated argument.  Daly threatened to have Mr. Hayes kicked out of the meeting.  Tempers flared.

Mr. Hayes, according to the report and corroborated by both men and witnesses, told Daly that “even though I’m disabled, I can still whip your ass.”

At which point Daly “punched Hayes in the face.”

The report notes that “The fight was quickly broken up by other union members.”

Here’s Mr. Hayes written statement that was included in the incident report (spelling errors corrected for clarity) …

“I was coming to a union meeting that is held once a month.  I went in the meeting and was talking to some people when Richard ‘Skip’ Daly came walking out of the back room.  He walked up to me and said if I started any problems he was going to have me thrown out of the meeting.

“I told him I could whip his ass with two bad hands and a bad back.  I’m disabled on disability.  After I said that he punched me in the face and all I know is I was on the ground with people on top of me yelling at me.

“I did nothing to deserve to get punched in the face.  I said nothing that should of got me punched in the face.  He has threatened me in the past.  In no way was I the aggressor in this matter.

“Most of the people work for Mr. Daly and won’t say anything against him.  And most of the others are afraid they won’t get a job if they say anything against him.  I want him arrested for battery.”

Neither man was charged in the incident, but the report notes that “Hayes was upset at our refusal to arrest Daly for battery.”

When we first read on Skip’s website that he was “fighting for good paying jobs,” we didn’t realize he meant that literally!

Sucker punching a disabled union worker with two bad hands and a bad back?

What’s next?  Pushing granny-in-a-wheelchair down the steps?  Kicking puppies?

Somebody needs some serious anger management therapy.

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