Skip Daly: Raise the Property Tax!

(Chuck Muth) – Nevada State Assemblyman Skip Daly recently did an interview with KUNR’s Paul Boger.

In typical politician fashion, the assemblyman pretty much hemmed and hawed, talked in circles and provided decidedly non-specific answers to specific questions.

But we did learn/confirm some important information on where he stands on one pretty significant issue: tax hikes.

Thanks to Gov. Steve Sisolak’s shutdown of what he declared as “non-essential” businesses and jobs last March – much of which remains locked down today, some seven months later – there’s going to be another huge budget hole when the Legislature reconvenes in February.

How would Assemblyman Daly deal with it?

“We wanted to try not to do everything (to balance the budget) on the back of state employees,” Daly said of the Legislature’s budget band-aids applied during the special sessions held in July and August.

In fact, while hundreds of thousands of private sector Nevadans have been laid off, many permanently, the Legislature – under pressure from the government employees’ union – only ordered one furlough day every other month.  No layoffs.

Apparently, we’re not “all in this together” after all.  Some workers (government employees) are more equal than others.

So if Mr. Daly opposes cutting spending, what’s his answer?

“I’m hoping we can find ways to shore up the shortfalls with additional revenue,” he responded to Mr. Boger.

“Additional revenue” is political-speak for raising taxes.

And while he danced around who would pay the “additional revenue” and by how much, Mr. Daly did give some hints.

First, he supports raising taxes on the mining industry.  That’s safe for him politically.  Most of his constituents in Reno-Sparks are fine with raising taxes…on somebody else.

But he also wants to raise the property tax on your home!

“(The property tax) should be made more equitable on some levels,” Daly said.  “But as soon as you say, ‘Oh, property tax,’ people [go] into a tailspin, largely because they don’t understand how it already works.

“There could be benefits by some revisions in modernization, in changing the way it’s calculated in the first place. So, I think it would be more equitable, actually, to do that. You just have to get past people’s phobia of even discussing [it].”

No, it’s not hard to understand at all.

The assemblyman’s “revisions in modernization” and “changing the way it’s calculated” would result in home owners paying more money to the government.  That’s how it works.  Pretty simple.

And those home owners don’t have a “phobia” about talking about it.  They oppose paying it!  Especially now when so many are still out of work.

If taxpayers want their property tax raised to pay for non-essential government workers and fund non-essential government programs, Assemblyman Daly’s your man.  Don’t take my word for it.  Take his.

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