Skip Daly *Hearts* Illegal Immigrants

(Chuck Muth) – According to the Pew Research Center, there are over 200,000 illegal immigrants living in Nevada taking both jobs and classroom seats from American citizens while costing taxpayers a small fortune.  For example…

“State-funded and uncompensated outlays for health care provided to Nevada’s illegal alien population amount to more than an estimated $85 million a year,” reports the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Through the 1990s, organized labor opposed such illegal immigrants as a threat to U.S. workers.  But that “changed abruptly in 2000 when the executive council of the AFL-CIO voted to reverse itself.”

A steady decline in union membership meant fewer dollars coming into Big Labor’s coffers.  Unions apparently figured an illegal immigrant paying dues was better than a legal citizen who wasn’t.

“Despite laws prohibiting employers from hiring illegal immigrants, recent estimates say there are thousands of them holding jobs in Northern Nevada,” reported the Nevada Appeal in 2006.

“It’s a major problem,” said Brian Kunzi, a director in the Nevada Attorney General’s Office.

Not to Nevada Assemblyman Skip Daly.

“Richard Daly,” the Appeal reported, “business manager with Laborers Union Local 169, said they don’t ask those who apply for membership whether they are legal or not.”

A few years later, Daly took his “open borders” position to the Nevada Legislature as an elected member of the State Assembly.

In 2013, he voted for SB303 – a bill giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

And last year he voted for SB538 – a bill creating the “Office for New Americans” that provides taxpayer-funded government services to illegal immigrants.

“Then intent of this office is to serve all Nevadans regardless of their legal status,” declared Francisco Morales, director of public affairs and community relations for Gov. Steve Sisolak.

That was the same year an illegal immigrant, as reported by CNN, “admitted to killing a Reno, Nevada, couple using a gun he stole from their home,” in addition to murdering another couple in neighboring Douglas County.

The illegal immigrant was also arrested on “36 charges of burglary, possession of stolen property and obtaining money by false pretenses.”

Crimes committed by illegal immigrants is a major problem in Nevada, as noted in a Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial…

“(A)s many as one in 14 inmates serving time in a Nevada prison is in the country illegally. That’s a total of 1,000 lawbreakers. It includes around 500 people who’ve been convicted of violent felonies.

“Keeping them in prison is costing state taxpayers about $21 million a year. That doesn’t include the fiscal strain they’ve put on Nevada’s legal system and police. It also doesn’t account for the trauma they’ve caused their victims.”

To most Nevadans, there’s a huge difference between immigrants who come to our country legally and those who enter illegally.

But not to Skip Daly.

In fact, in 2019 he voted for a resolution urging Congress to reject a plan to ask a citizenship question on the census.

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