Now Playing LEFT Field: Skip Daly

(Chuck Muth) – To hear Nevada Assemblyman Skip Daly tell it, he’s a moderate Democrat who steers clear of “extreme partisanship.” Just like how Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak campaigned in 2018.

But Daly’s voting record in the Legislature tells a completely different story.

His average rating over four sessions – as compiled by the American Conservative Union’s (ACU) State Legislative Ratings Guide – is just 13 percent.

Here’s a sampling of some of the more significant bills Assemblyman Daly has voted for…


• AB561: Extended $620 million in “temporary” tax hikes that were passed in 2009

• SB432: Extended a “temporary” sales tax hike for Clark County infrastructure projects

• AB78: Allowed government bureaucrats to excessively fine small businesses up $10,000 for failing to renew their business license within 30 days, even if not willful

• AB456: Imposed new regulations on child care facilities and workers, potentially raising the cost for Nevada families

• AB149: Made it easier to file frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits, even without evidence to support such claims

• AB299: Created a new statewide surtax on automobile insurance policies to subsidize car insurance for low-income residents in Clark County

• SB190: Created a new state license requirement for “music therapists,” who pose no threat to the health and safety of the public


• SB303: Provided driver’s licenses for illegal aliens

• SB465: Again extended $620 million in “temporary” tax hikes that were passed in 2009

• AB413: Authorized Clark County to automatically increase its fuel tax every year without a vote of the Legislature or the taxpayers

• AB46: Authorized Washoe County to increase sales and property taxes without a vote of the Legislature or the taxpayers

• AB403: Authorized local school boards to increase property taxes without a vote of the Legislature or the taxpayers

• AB496: Removed requirement that money from the “More Cops” tax hike in Clark County be used to pay for hiring additional officers – essentially, “defunding the police”

• SB165: Provided tax subsidies of up to $20 million for Hollywood film producers

• SB220: Allowed government bureaucrats to enter small businesses without a warrant to look for infractions, impose fines and issue cease-and-desist orders


• SB122: Provided taxpayer-funding for abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood

• SB384: Hid government employee pension information from the public

• SB140: Allowed prisoners 65 years of age and older to be released before completing their sentences

• AB303: Banned private prisons needed to relieve overcrowding in state prisons

• AB175: Forced small businesses to provide specific health benefits to employees who may not need or want them, thus driving up health care costs

• SB464: Allowed the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority to force contactors to hire union labor on its convention center expansion project, thus driving up the cost to taxpayers


• AB232: Forced private hospitals to participate in Medicare and Medicaid, thus driving up the cost for traditional patients with private insurance

• AB186: Forced Nevada to give its electoral votes in presidential elections to the candidate winning the national popular vote even if that candidate didn’t win Nevada

• AJR6: Resolution of opposition to including a citizenship question in the 2020 census

• AB465: Drove up electricity costs by requiring energy companies to increase the amount of solar energy used

• AB337: Enriched labor union bosses by forcing nearly all freight trains operating in Nevada to maintain a crew of at least two operators

• AB136: Drove up taxpayer-funded construction costs on public works projects, including schools, by forcing contractors to pay inflated union wages rather than free-market wages

• SB364: Forced medical facilities to develop policies that ensure patients are addressed by their preferred name and pronoun based on their gender identity

• SB151: Made it more difficult for private landlords to evict deadbeat tenants

• SB94: Increased taxpayer funding for abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood

• SB538: Created the Office of New Americans to provide taxpayer-funded services to illegal immigrants

• AB168: Made it more difficult for schools to discipline disruptive students

• SB263: Raised taxes on vaping products and e-cigarettes, which many people use to kick the tobacco habit

• AB135: Allowed unionization of state government workers which will inevitably increase the cost of running the state government

• SB551: Increased payroll taxes on businesses by $100 million (an unlawful tax increase that a judge has since struck down)

NOTE: Not all of these bills were passed and signed into law. This list only reflects how Assemblyman Daly voted on them.

The assemblyman has also been extremely hostile to giving parents choices in where to have their kids educated. A few examples…

• SB311: Allowed parents of failing public schools to sign a petition forcing the school to convert to an empowerment or charter school. Assemblyman Daly voted AGAINST this bill. (2013)

• SB555: Expanded school choice for low- and middle-income families through increased funding for Opportunity Scholarships. Assemblyman Daly voted AGAINST the bill. (2017)

• SB321: Abolished charter schools unless sponsored by “a government authorized entity.” Assemblyman Daly voted FOR this bill. (2019)

• SB551: Repealed the state’s Education Savings Account school choice program. Assemblyman Daly voted FOR this bill. (2019)

Skip Daly’s voting record demonstrates he’s anything but a “moderate.” He’s anti-business, anti-free market and anti-school choice. He supports bigger, more expensive government and higher taxes to pay for it.

But don’t take my word for it. Just look at his actual record.

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Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views and founder/owner of The Campaign Doctor. He blogs personally at