King of Conflicts and The Daly Tax

(Chuck Muth) – Nevada Assemblyman Skip Daly doesn’t restrict his conflicts to bare-knuckle brawls.  His day job is running a labor union and his conflicts of interest are as readily apparent as they are legion.

Let’s start with the most obvious: He’s a labor union official who also sits on the Commerce and LABOR Committee.  Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse.

And according to an article in the Las Vegas Sun…

“Ethics commission reports show that Assemblyman Skip Daly, D-Reno, has appeared before various state agencies because he’s the business manager for Laborers International Local 169, a building trades union that often has business before the state.

“He said he doesn’t view his work as a conflict of interest because he’s been with the union for more than two decades, including time before he was a state legislator.”

But just because he was a union boss before he became a legislator doesn’t magically erase the conflict of interest he clearly has as a legislator.  For example…

Just last year Daly sponsored a bill that increased the cost of government construction projects – including schools – by requiring above-market union (“prevailing”) wages.

Call it The Daly Tax.

Columnist Victor Joecks noted that the Nevada Policy Research Institute “found that in Nevada, prevailing-wage rates are around 45 percent higher than market wages.”

“The prevailing wage figures set by the labor commissioner,” added the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “are essentially wild guesses that favor union pay scales.”

The paper added, referencing the higher cost to build schools…

“It’s not about the children at all.  It’s all about the money to line the pockets of Democrats’ labor union backers, with taxpayers footing the inflated bill, of course.”

Great for his union members; more expensive for you and me.

Daly’s reported compensation in 2018 for running the labor union was $136,967.

His legislative compensation is $9,000 plus a per diem for expenses during the session.

Who do you think his #1 priority is: his union members or his constituents?

No one should be conflicted in their answer to that one.

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