Daly Scorched, Exiled for Explosive Outburst

(Chuck Muth) – Nevada Assemblyman Richard “Skip” Daly (D-Washoe) suffers from Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome.

When on the campaign trail trying to get votes he’s sugar and spice and everything nice.  Indeed, on his campaign website he boasts…

“In 2016 I ran and won on a platform that our district deserves a representative who will work with everyone to put the interests of our state ahead of extreme partisanship, and find real solutions to the problems and needs facing our state.”

Sounds quite reasonable and rational, doesn’t it?

But Skip also has a very disturbing dark side, bordering on violent, that most voters aren’t aware of.  For example…

During that same 2016 campaign cycle, Daly was involved in a labor dispute between Frazier Masonry – which was part of a redevelopment project for the Galaxy Theater in Sparks, Nevada – and the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), Local 169.

Daly was the union’s Business Manager, aka, “union boss.”

The beef came before the Nevada Labor Commission on March 16, 2016.  Here’s what happened at the pre-hearing conference, as documented in an order issued by the Commission a week later (Case #23411)…

The Labor Commissioner encouraged the parties to discuss settlement or that an Order would be issued…  Frazier Masonry indicated they wanted to resolve and settle the matter, and that they had a ‘blank check.’

“During the discussion it became evident that Mr. Daly had never provided Mr. Langton (the union’s lawyer) with the April 14, 2014 Determination and Investigative Findings of the City of Sparks concerning a Complaint filed by Local 169 in December of 2013 against Frazer Masonry.”

Failing to provide your attorney with critical, relevant information – either intentionally or otherwise – is not exactly a professional or responsible thing to do.  But this revelation at the hearing resulted in Daly erupting like Mount Vesuvius in uncontrolled anger…

At this point, Mr. Daly abruptly started to rise from his seat and threatened in a loud and aggressive voice while pointing, saying, ‘this is goddamned ridiculous and we’ll sue your ass in court,’ referring and gesturing to the Labor Commissioner (Shannon Chambers).

“Mr. Daly shoved his chair aside, threw open the conference room door in a demonstration of excessive force and agitation, and left the hearing.  This action was witnessed by all parties/representatives present at the hearing.

“The conduct of Richard ‘Skip’ Daly on March 16, 2016, was discourteous, disrespectful, and showed outright contempt for the Office of the Labor Commissioner, the Labor Commissioner, the parties involved, and for the process itself.”

This goes well beyond an “I want my Maypo!” temper-tantrum by a toddler.  This was a grown man who blew a red-faced gasket over getting fingered for screwing up in his job.

And the Commission refused to stand for it…

“Based on this contumacious behavior, the Office of the Labor Commissioner/Labor Commissioner hereby excludes Richard ‘Skip’ Daly from any further proceedings and/or hearings before the Office of the Labor Commissioner/Labor Commissioner…in this matter and any other matter now pending or not yet filed, until this Order is revoked by petition.”

OK, hang on.  Before proceeding I need to look up “contumacious.”

Ah, here it is: “Stubbornly or willfully disobedient to authority, especially of a defendant’s behavior.”  Glad we cleared that up.  Onward…

“To the extent that there are any pending proceedings and/or hearings that are before the Office of the Labor Commissioner/Labor Commissioner that involve Local 169 where Richard ‘Skip’ Daly was to be called as a witness, Local 169 may submit an Affidavit of the testimony to be offered to the Office of the Labor Commissioner/Labor Commissioner.

“The Affidavit will be evaluated as to its relevance to the pending matter.  If it is determined that it is relevant, it will be admitted into evidence.  If it is irrelevant, immaterial, or unduly repetitious, or that there is no personal knowledge of events that are the subject matter of the proceeding and/or hearing, it will be excluded.”

So Daly’s unhinged hissy fit not only got him grounded, but sent to his room without supper.

Not exactly “a representative who will work with everyone.”  More like a representative who will bully, berate, intimidate and browbeat anyone who gets in his way.

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