Daly *Hearts* Freebies & Goodies

“I Want Some More!”

(Chuck Muth) – In the 2015 session, the Nevada Legislature passed a bill banning legislators from taking gifts from lobbyists – “even a cup of coffee.”

Such freebies to politicians often result in corruption.

So said Jack Abramoff – the “World’s Most Notorious Lobbyist” – who spent six years in prison for bribery.  And here’s what he said about gifts to elected officials…

“People should be barred completely from giving anything that would create gratitude on the part of public servants – whether it’s a meal, a trip, a glass of water, a pickle – whatever it is.  They shouldn’t be allowed to do anything.  And that has to be a 100% ban, not $25, not $50, nothing like that.”

If anyone knows anything about how to corrupt politicians, it’s Jack Abramoff!

This did not please Mr. Daly – and we all know what can happen when he gets angry!

So in 2017 he introduced what columnist Jane Ann Morrison called the “I Want Some More” bill to repeal the ban on legislators taking freebies from lobbyists.

“Following the ‘leadership’ of Sparks Democratic Assemblyman Skip Daly, the Assembly passed Assembly Bill 396 so they can resume taking free meals and gifts during a session and the rest of the year. … Daly, a business manager for Laborers Local 169, wants the goodies back.”

Morrison added in a follow-up column that “Daly sought to gut the lobbying reforms” from the 2015 session…

“Assembly Bill 396 would have allowed legislators to take secret junkets and resume accepting gifts and meals from lobbyists … (and) a return to the days when they were treated royally all year long by lobbyists seeking their votes.”

This just five years after Daly and six of his Democrat colleagues were caught trying to “keep their expenses hidden,” as detailed by the Las Vegas Sun…

“After the Sun reported the secret expenses, the Democrats then reversed course and filed new expense reports, detailing nearly $45,000 in campaign fund spending on a slew of living expenses during the legislative session in Carson City.

“These included rent, electronics, house cleaning and supplies, groceries, lunches, dinners at Carson City restaurants and even bottled water.  The lawmakers also paid for airfare and hotels to professional conferences in Hawaii, Texas and Florida.”

The abuse was so bad and flagrant that Daly and his colleagues were each fined for violating campaign finance laws.

The 2015 gift ban was a responsible bill designed to eliminate corrupting influence from the legislative process.  But Assemblyman Daly loves his goodies and wants them back.

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Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views and founder/owner of The Campaign Doctor.  He blogs personally at www.MuthsTruths.com